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  • New: Arthur Burkart added credential comments
  • Updated: added tox, and improved packaging
  • New: @jimbocoder added a threadpool to getall to fetch groups of credentials faster
  • New: @a12k added a migration script if you are using old hashing methods
  • Bugfix: @jomunoz and @jessemyers removed unsupported hashing methods and bumped the cryptography dependency


  • New: @stephen-164 added -f to credstash get for wildcard gets
  • New: @mrwacky42 added credstash keys
  • New: @evanstachowiak added credstash putall
  • Updated: @gene1wood, @nkhoshini, and @wyattwalter updated the docs
  • Bugfix: @pm990320 fixed a bug by adding pagination for large credential stores
  • Bugfix: @artburkart fixed a bug where writing csv files did not have proper line separators
  • Removed: Python 3.2 removed from build matrix


  • Set upper bound of cryptography to 2.1


  • Only fetch the session resource and client once
  • README updates for c# and node imlpementations
  • python 3.2 removed from build matrix
  • fixed hmac checking
  • removed build constraint on cryptography <2.0
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