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Eclipse Maven Tycho Xtext Archetype

Continuous Integration

Build Status Maven Central LGPLv3 License


Maven archetype that creates an Xtext project with a multi module Maven layout and Tycho (manifest-first approach). The archetype was created using the Maven Xtext Example.

Generated structure

|-- com.mycompany.mydsl
|-- com.mycompany.mydsl.ide
|-- com.mycompany.mydsl.sdk
|-- com.mycompany.mydsl.tests
|-- com.mycompany.mydsl.ui
|-- com.mycompany.mydsl.updatesite
`-- example-project
`-- example-project-gradle
  • .mydsl Grammar and base classes for the DSL.
  • .mydsl.ide Standalone setup.
  • .mydsl.sdk The feature.
  • .mydsl.tests Contains the tests.
  • .mydsl.ui UI related parts.
  • .mydsl.updatesite Creates a P2 repository that contains the plugin.
  • example-project Example Maven DSL project
  • example-project-gradle Example Gradle DSL project


  • Java JDK 1.7 is installed
  • Maven 3 is installed.
  • Eclipse with Xtext is installed (Download Pre-Configured Eclipse With Xtext)
  • M2E Eclipse Plugin is installed (Help / Eclipse Market Place... / Find "M2E" / Install "Maven Integration for Eclipse (Juno and newer)")
  • M2E Tycho Connector is installed (Window /Prefences / Maven / Discovery / Open Catalog / Install M2E Connectors / Find "Tycho" / Install "Tycho Configurator")
  • The Eclipse and Xtext repositories are added to your .m2/settings.xml to make them accessible for Maven:

Create project

Mandatory Parameters

mvn archetype:generate \
     -DarchetypeGroupId=org.fuin.archetypes \
     -DarchetypeArtifactId=emt-xtext-archetype \

All Parameters

mvn archetype:generate \
     -DarchetypeGroupId=org.fuin.archetypes \
     -DarchetypeArtifactId=emt-xtext-archetype \
     -DarchetypeVersion=0.2.1 \
     -DgroupId="com.mycompany.mydsl" \
	 -DartifactId="com.mycompany.mydsl" \
	 -Dversion="0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" \
	 -DeclipseVersion="0.1.0.qualifier" \
	 -Dpackage="com.mycompany.mydsl" \
	 -DpackagePath="com/mycompany/mydsl" \
	 -DbasePackage="com.mycompany" \
	 -DbasePackagePath="com/mycompany" \
	 -DdslName="MyDSL" \
	 -DtechName="mydsl" \
	 -DdslExtension="mydsl" \
	 -DfullName="My DSL" \


ParameterDefault ValueDescription
groupIdcom.mycompany.mydslMaven 'groupId'
artifactIdcom.mycompany.mydslMaven 'artifactId'
version0.1.0-SNAPSHOTMaven 'version'
eclipseVersion0.1.0.qualifierEclipse version - Should be identical to the Maven version except for snapshots (with a '.qualifier' instead of '-SNAPSHOT')
packagecom.mycompany.mydslJava Package (Should be most of the times identical to the 'groupId')
packagePathcom/mycompany/mydslSame as package, but instead of '.' the '/' is used as separator
dslNameMyDSLUnique short name of the DSL - Only upper and lower case characters ('A'-'Z', 'a'-'z', No spaces)
techNamemydslA short technical name of the DSL - Only lower case characters ('a'-'z', No spaces)
dslExtensionmydslFile extension for the DSL model files
fullNameMy DSLA short descriptive name of the DSL
url URL - Used for example in the Eclipse 'product' description


Snapshots can be found on the OSS Sonatype Snapshots Repository.

Add the following to your .m2/settings.xml to enable snapshots:

    <name>Sonatype OSS Snapshot Repository</name>

More Archteypes

If you're looking for more Maven archetypes, take a look at Open Archetypes.

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Eclipse Maven Tycho XText Archetype




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