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Welcome to SDMLib

SDMLib is a lightweight modeling library. SDMLib intentionally comes without any tool or editor.

The idea is that you code your model:

ClassModel model = new ClassModel("org.sdmlib.sample");

Clazz uni = model.createClazz("University");

Clazz student = model.createClazz("Student")
    .withAttribute("studentID", DataType.STRING);

uni.withBidirectional(student, "students", Cardinality.MANY, "almaMater", Cardinality.ONE);


By running model.generate() SDMLib will generate source code from your class model. If you extend your model later on and regenerate, the code generation will identify already existing classes and fields and attributes and leave them untouched. Only new elements will be inserted, carefully.

In the example above, the generated code will be placed in package org.sdmlib.sample, which does not need to be pre-existing.

Gradle and Maven

For stable version add to your build.gradle :

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile 'org.sdmlib:SDMLib:2.+'
    // compile 'org.sdmlib:SDMLib:2.3.204'  // did work when 2.3.+ failed

or for SNAPSHOT-Builds:

repositories {
	maven {
        url ""

dependencies {
    compile 'org.sdmlib:SDMLib:2.+'

In order to get started, just add the following Maven dependency:


In addition to class models, SDMLib will also support object diagrams, storyboards and model transformations.

Find documentation from the code repository here

In addition to class models, SDMLib will also support object diagrams, story pages and model transformations.

SDMLib comes with [MIT licence]

JProfiler optimized

Have fun

The [SDMLib team]

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