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b5. Parser Problem: 'v' : but '{' expected in at line 58
" return null;" Caused by Templeates --> Stefan


f3. class model elements should provide method to remove the code generated for them

f3.1. single classes

f3.2. single attributes

f3.3. single assocs

f1. ModelSpace Chat

f1.3. MSChatGroupClient tests

f1.9. Event history compactification

f1.10. Event history handle remove object


f1. ModelSpace Chat

f1.2. horizontal and vertical model splitting

f1.2.2 vertical model splitting

f1.5. Model cloud replication

f1.5.6 replicate user files

f1.7. Multi User GroupAccount Test

b8. Removing Elements from lists and adding a new Element to such a list causes a
nullpointerexception in the SimpleList implementation due to a hole in the underlying array. After removal, ChangeHistory delivers wrong positions.


f2. Storyboards

f2.1. Connect Storyboard html with JavaDoc for contained methods.

f2.1.1 methods with parameters are not yet referenced.

f2.2. ClassModel.generate should create a javadoc reference within the generated classes.

f2.3. Storyboard should generate a javadoc reference to the generated html page

b6. Seconde GUI Test of SDMLib does not run. Application seems already be running;


f1.6. Change file ending from .json to .jsonchgs
1 hour

f1.5. Model cloud replication

f1.5.2 listen to all contained model spaces

f1.5.2 listen to all contained model spaces

f1.5.3 publish model space changes

f1.5.4 subscribe for model space changes

f1.5.5 connect cloud servers with each other

f1.5.1 gui for model cloud server

f1.4. GroupAccount multi user

f1.4.1. tested under owncloud. No more file locking problems.

f1.2. horizontal and vertical model splitting

f1.2.1 horizontal model splitting

f1.3. testing multiple chat clients

b1. Some changes are stored twice.
Does not happen if you use it right.
b3. Message order seems wrong
(Bug in Networkparser AbstractArray)

b4. mutal update does not work

b2. Reading other user changes does not work.