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Chef Box: Chef Vagrant Boxes & Playground

This project enables you to automatically build a complete set of Ubuntu boxes for use with Vagrant. The boxes are built with the Official OpsCode Chef 0.10.4 Ubuntu Packages baked in. This means you can start either a Chef Server or Client Node easily at boot time.

Also included in this project is the Vagrant scaffolding to launch a Chef cluster on your Desktop. The default ‘vagrant up’ starts a Chef Server & 2 Chef Client Nodes. The nodes are setup to automatically join the Chef cluster. You can practice your cookbook, search, knife and shef skills really easily with 3 disposable nodes. See the examples below for more info.

You can also merge the contents of this project into your existing Chef Repo and record, as an artifact in your git repository, how you built your Vagrant Box instead of it being mystery-meat from the interweb cache.



gem install bundler
bundle install --path vendor/bundle --binstubs
export PATH=`pwd`/bin:$PATH


Build a Natty 64bit Box [ Warning: Building a Vagrant Box takes about 20 minutes on my i7 MacBook Pro. ]

rake box:natty64

Build a LTS Lucid 32bit Box

rake box:lucid32

Build All Boxes [ Warning: Takes several hours to build all 32 & 64 bit boxes. Do this overnight. ]

rake box:all


Launch a 3-Node Natty64 Cluster

vagrant up

Launch a 3-Node Lucid32 Cluster

BOX=lucid32 vagrant up

Only 1 Chef Server & 1 Chef Client Node

vagrant up chef.vm
vagrant up node0.vm


Works Anywhere (Host or Guest)

knife node list
knife node show chef.vm
knife search node "name:node*.vm"
knife cookbook list
knife cookbook upload ...
knife role list
knife role from file ...
knife node run_list add ...
knife ssh "*:*" "sudo chef-client" -a ip -x vagrant -i .ssh/id_rsa --no-host-key-verify


0.5 Works with VirtualBox 4.0.10. Rebuild your VMS.

0.6 Works with VirtualBox 4.1.0. & Vagrant 0.8.5. Rebuild your VMS.

0.6.1 Works with VirtualBox 4.1.2 & Vagrant 0.8.5

License Apache 2