fluentd plugin to suppress same messages.
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SuppressOutout / SuppressFilter

Fluentd plugin to suppress same messages.



<match foo.**>
  @type          suppress
  interval       10
  num            2
  max_slot_num   100000
  attr_keys      host,message
  add_tag_prefix sp.

In interval sec, num messages which grouped by attr_keys value, add tag prefix "sp." and pass to follow process. Other messages will be removed. max_slot_num put an upper limit on the length of the internal variable which contains message occurences.

Input messages:

  2012-11-22T11:22:33 foo.info {"id":1,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
  2012-11-22T11:22:34 foo.info {"id":2,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
* 2012-11-22T11:22:35 foo.info {"id":3,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
* 2012-11-22T11:22:36 foo.info {"id":4,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
  2012-11-22T11:22:37 foo.info {"id":5,"host":"app01","message":"error!!"}
* 2012-11-22T11:22:38 foo.info {"id":6,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
* 2012-11-22T11:22:39 foo.info {"id":7,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
* 2012-11-22T11:22:40 foo.info {"id":8,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
  2012-11-22T11:22:45 foo.info {"id":9,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}

(* = suppressed)

Output messages:

 2012-11-22T11:22:33 sp.foo.info {"id":1,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
 2012-11-22T11:22:34 sp.foo.info {"id":2,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}
 2012-11-22T11:22:37 sp.foo.info {"id":5,"host":"app01","message":"error!!"}
 2012-11-22T11:22:45 sp.foo.info {"id":9,"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}

Filter plugin

Fluentd >= v0.12 can use filter plugin.

<filter foo.**>
  @type     suppress
  interval  10
  num       2
  attr_keys host,message

Filter plugin will not replace a tag.

Group by nested key name

attr_keys allows nested key name (eg. foo.bar).

<match foo.**>
  @type          suppress
  attr_keys      data.host, data.message

Input messages will be suppressed by key data.host and data.message.

 2012-11-22T11:22:33 foo.info {"id":1,"data":{"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}}
 2012-11-22T11:22:34 foo.info {"id":2,"data":{"host":"web01","message":"error!!"}}

Suppressing by tag only

If attr_keys is not specified, records will be suppressed by tag only.

<match foo.**>
  @type  suppress


patches welcome!


Copyright (c) 2012- FUJIWARA Shunichiro License Apache License, Version 2.0