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L5 - Yet Another Presentation Tool for Lispers

This application is a presentation tool written in Clojure. You can create slides with S-expression. See a sample files under sample directory for example.


Just download L5.jar and run it.

$ wget
$ java -jar L5.jar

Then a managing window appears.

How to use?

Pass a file to JAR

If JAR is given a file name, load it and start a presentation directory.

$ java -jar L5.jar sample/introduction-to-clojure.clj

Run as a script

$ clj sample/introduction-to-clojure.clj

Reload the file

Then the frame appears, press <Right> or <Space> to move to next and <Left> or <Backspace> to back. Press <F5> to toggle fullscreen mode.

You need not restart the frame when you modified slides. You should only press <R>, they reflect to the frame immediately.


You can access to L5 during it running.

$ nc localhost 12345
clojure.core=> (ns L5)
L5=> (next-slide)

Write slides

See a sample files under sample directory for example.

Export to PDF

Press <E> on the presentation frame.


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 深町英太郎 (E.Fukamachi).
Licensed under the MIT License (