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df18353 Jun 6, 2015
@fukamachi @snmsts
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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage dbi.driver
(:use :cl
(:import-from :c2mop
(:import-from :dbi.error
(in-package :dbi.driver)
(cl-syntax:use-syntax :annot)
(declaim (optimize (speed 3)))
(defclass <dbi-driver> () ()
(:documentation "Base class for DB driver."))
(defclass <dbi-connection> ()
((auto-commit :type boolean
:initarg :auto-commit
:initform t)
(database-name :initarg :database-name
:accessor connection-database-name)
(%handle :initarg :handle
:accessor connection-handle))
(:documentation "Base class for managing DB connection."))
(defgeneric connection-driver-type (conn)
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
(let ((package (package-name (symbol-package (type-of conn)))))
((string= package #.(string :dbd.mysql)) :mysql)
((string= package #.(string :dbd.postgres)) :postgres)
((string= package #.(string :dbd.sqlite3)) :sqlite3)))))
(defgeneric make-connection (driver &key)
(:documentation "Create a instance of `<dbi-connection>` for the `driver`.
This method must be implemented in each drivers.")
(:method ((driver <dbi-driver>) &key)
@ignore driver
(error '<dbi-unimplemented-error>
:method-name 'make-connection)))
(defgeneric disconnect (conn)
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-unimplemented-error>
:method-name 'disconnect)))
(defun find-driver (driver-name)
"Find a driver class named as `driver-name`.
`driver-name` is a string designer.
Driver should be named like '<DBD-SOMETHING>' for a database 'something'."
(find (format nil "<DBD-~:@(~A~)>" driver-name)
:test #'string=
:key #'class-name))
(defun list-all-drivers ()
"Return a list of direct subclasses for `<dbi-driver>`."
(c2mop:class-direct-subclasses (find-class '<dbi-driver>)))
(defclass <dbi-query> ()
((connection :type <dbi-connection>
:initarg :connection
:initform nil
:accessor query-connection)
(sql :type string
:initarg :sql
:accessor query-sql)
(prepared :type t
:initarg :prepared
:accessor query-prepared))
(:documentation "Class that represents a prepared DB query."))
(defgeneric prepare (conn sql &key))
(defmethod prepare ((conn <dbi-connection>) (sql string) &key (query-class '<dbi-query>))
"Preparing executing SQL statement and returns a instance of `<dbi-query>`.
This method may be overrided by subclasses."
(make-instance query-class
:connection conn
:sql sql
:prepared (prepare-sql conn sql)))
(defgeneric execute (query &rest params)
(:documentation "Execute `query` with `params` and return the results.")
(:method ((query <dbi-query>) &rest params)
(query-connection query)
(defgeneric fetch (query)
(:documentation "Fetch the first row from `query` which is returned by `execute`.")
(:method ((query <dbi-query>))
(fetch-using-connection (query-connection query) query)))
(defgeneric fetch-all (query)
(:documentation "Fetch all rest rows from `query`.")
(:method ((query <dbi-query>))
(loop for result = (fetch query)
while result
collect result)))
(defgeneric fetch-using-connection (conn query)
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>) (query <dbi-query>))
(error '<dbi-unimplemented-error>
:method-name 'fetch-using-connection)))
(defgeneric do-sql (conn sql &rest params)
(:documentation "Do preparation and execution at once.
This method may be overrided by subclasses.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>) (sql string) &rest params)
(apply #'execute (prepare conn sql) params)
(defgeneric execute-using-connection (conn query params)
(:documentation "Execute `query` in `conn`.
This method must be implemented in each drivers.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>) (query <dbi-query>) params)
@ignore (conn query params)
(error '<dbi-unimplemented-error>
:method-name 'execute-using-connection)))
(defgeneric begin-transaction (conn)
(:documentation "Start a transaction.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-notsupported-error>
:method-name 'begin-transaction)))
(defmethod begin-transaction :around ((conn <dbi-connection>))
"Turn `auto-commit` off automatically before starting a transaction."
(symbol-macrolet ((auto-commit (slot-value conn 'auto-commit)))
(let ((saved auto-commit))
(setf auto-commit nil)
(unwind-protect (call-next-method)
(setf auto-commit saved)))))
(defgeneric commit (conn)
(:documentation "Commit changes and end the current transaction.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-notsupported-error>
:method-name 'commit)))
(defgeneric rollback (conn)
(:documentation "Rollback all changes and end the current transaction.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-notsupported-error>
:method-name 'rollback)))
(defgeneric ping (conn)
"Check if the database server is still running and the connection to it is still working.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-notsupported-error>
:method-name 'ping)))
(defgeneric row-count (conn)
"Return the number of counts modified by the last executed INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE query.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>))
@ignore conn
(error '<dbi-notsupported-error>
:method-name 'row-count)))
(defgeneric escape-sql (conn sql)
(:documentation "Return escaped `sql`.
This method may be overrided by subclasses when needed.
For example, in case of MySQL and PostgreSQL, backslashes must be escaped by doubling it.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>) (sql string))
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for c across sql
if (char= c #\')
do (write-sequence "''" out)
do (write-char c out)))))
(defgeneric prepare-sql (conn sql)
"Create a function that takes parameters, binds them into a query and returns SQL as a string.")
(:method ((conn <dbi-connection>) (sql string))
(labels ((param-to-sql (param)
(typecase param
(string (concatenate 'string "'" (escape-sql conn param) "'"))
(null "NULL")
(t (princ-to-string param)))))
(let ((sql-parts (split-sequence #\? sql)))
(lambda (&rest params)
(if params
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for (part . rest) on sql-parts
(let ((param (pop params)))
(if rest
(concatenate 'string part (param-to-sql param))
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