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Database independent interface for Common Lisp

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CL-DBI - Database independent interface for Common Lisp


Connecting and executing a query

(defvar *connection*
  (dbi:connect :mysql
               :database-name "test"
               :username "nobody"
               :password "1234"))

(let* ((query (dbi:prepare *connection*
                           "SELECT * FROM somewhere WHERE flag = ? OR updated_at > ?"))
       (result (dbi:execute query 0 "2011-11-01")))
  (loop for row = (dbi:fetch result)
     while row
     ;; process "row".

Using dbi:with-connection to ensure connections are closed

(dbi:with-connection (conn :sqlite3 :database-name "/home/fukamachi/test.db")
  (let* ((query (dbi:prepare conn "SELECT * FROM People"))
         (result (dbi:execute query)))
    (loop for row = (dbi:fetch result)
       while row
       do (format t "~A~%" row))))


This library is still under development and considered ALPHA quality. APIs are likely to change.


CL-DBI provides the same interface for multiple SQL databases. You need not learn the API of each database.

This library is especially convenient when you want to use different databases in different environments. For example, you may use MySQL as a production database, but use SQLite3 on your development system. To switch database backends you need only change the arguments to dbi:connect.


  • SQLite3
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


This library will be available on Quicklisp when ready for use.


User-Level API

  • connect [driver-name & params] => <dbi-connection>
  • disconnect [<dbi-connection>] => T or NIL
  • prepare [conn sql] => <dbi-query>
  • execute [query & params] => something
  • fetch [result] => a row data as plist
  • fetch-all [result] => a list of all row data
  • do-sql [conn sql & params]
  • list-all-drivers [] => (<dbi-driver> ..)
  • find-driver [driver-name] => <dbi-driver>
  • with-transaction [conn]
  • begin-transaction [conn]
  • commit [conn]
  • rollback [conn]
  • with-connection [connection-variable-name &body body]

Driver-Level API

  • <dbi-driver>
  • <dbi-connection>
  • make-connection [driver params]
  • disconnect [<dbi-connection>] => T or NIL
  • prepare [conn sql] => <dbi-query>
  • fetch-using-connection [conn result] => a row data as plist
  • do-sql [conn sql & params]
  • execute-using-connection => something
  • escape-sql => string
  • begin-transaction [conn]
  • commit [conn]
  • rollback [conn]

Creating a new driver

Create a subclass of <dbi-driver> and implement following methods.

  • make-connection
  • disconnect [<dbi-connection>] => T or NIL
  • execute-using-connection

These methods can be overriden if needed.

  • prepare
  • fetch-using-connection
  • do-sql
  • escape-sql


  • cl-annot
  • CL-Syntax
  • closer-mop



Copyright (c) 2011 Eitarow Fukamachi (


Licensed under the LLGPL License.

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