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CL-Project - Generate modern project skeletons

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(cl-project:make-project #p"lib/cl-sample/"
  :author "Eitaro Fukamachi"
  :email ""
  :license "LLGPL"
  :depends-on '(:clack :cl-annot))
;-> writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/.gitignore
;   writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/README.markdown
;   writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/cl-sample-test.asd
;   writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/cl-sample.asd
;   writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/src/hogehoge.lisp
;   writing /Users/fukamachi/Programs/lib/cl-sample/t/hogehoge.lisp
;=> T

What's the difference from other generators?

1. Flexible templates

CL-Project supports more parameters to embed, by using CL-EMB to represent the skeleton files (See "cl-project/skeleton/").

2. One package per file style (Modern)

A modern CL project should be in accordance with some rules. For instance, one file must have one package in it.

3. Recommends unit testing

Modern projects should have some unit tests. CL-Project generates a system for unit testing, so you can begin writing unit tests as soon as the project is generated.


All parameters are optional.

  • :name: Project name. If this key isn't specified, the directory name will be used.
  • :description: Short description for the new project.
  • :author: Your name.
  • :email: Your e-mail address.
  • :license: License of the new project.
  • :depends-on: A list of dependencies.



Copyright (c) 2011 Eitaro Fukamachi (


Licensed under the LLGPL License.