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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage clack-test.response
(:use :cl
(in-package :clack-test.response)
(defvar res nil)
(plan 15)
(setq res (make-response 200))
(is (headers res) nil "headers")
(is (headers res :content-type) nil "content-type")
(setf (headers res :content-type) "text/html")
(is (headers res :content-type) "text/html" "content-type 2")
(is (body res) nil "body")
(setf (body res) "aiueo")
(is (body res) '("aiueo") "body 2")
(is (finalize res) `(200 (:content-type "text/html") ("aiueo")) "finalize")
(diag "redirect")
(redirect res "")
(is (headers res :content-type) "text/html" "content-type")
(is (headers res :location) "" "location")
(is (body res) '("aiueo") "body")
(is (status res) 302 "status")
(diag "set-cookies")
(is (set-cookies res) nil "set-cookies")
(setf (set-cookies res "hoge") "a")
(setf (set-cookies res "fuga") '(:value "b" :secure t))
(is (set-cookies res "hoge") '(:value "a") "set-cookie value")
(is (set-cookies res "fuga") '(:value "b" :secure t) "set-cookie value")
(loop for (k v) on (nth 1 (finalize res)) by #'cddr
if (eq k :set-cookie)
unless (or (string= v "hoge=a")
(string= v "fuga=b; secure"))
do (fail "finalized :set-cookie")
else do (pass "finalized :set-cookie"))
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