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This file is a part of Clack package.
Copyright (c) 2011 Eitarow Fukamachi <>
Clack is freely distributable under the LLGPL License.
Clack is a Web server Interface for Common Lisp.
Author: Eitarow Fukamachi (
(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage clack-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :clack-asd)
(defsystem clack
:version "12.04.0"
:author "Eitarow Fukamachi"
:license "LLGPL"
:depends-on (;; Utility
;; for Other purpose
:components ((:module "src"
((:module "core"
:depends-on ("util")
((:file "clack"
:depends-on ("component"
(:file "builder"
:depends-on ("component" "middleware" "mw"))
(:file "request")
(:file "response")
(:file "component")
(:file "middleware" :depends-on ("component"))
(:file "handler")
(:module "app"
:depends-on ("clack")
((:file "file")
(:file "directory" :depends-on ("file"))
(:file "urlmap")))
(:file "logger")
(:module "middleware/logger"
:depends-on ("logger" "middleware")
:serial t
((:file "base")
(:file "stream")
(:file "file")
(:file "logger")))
(:module "mw"
:pathname "middleware"
:depends-on ("clack" "component" "response" "request" "app")
((:file "static")
(:file "conditional")
(:module "session"
:serial t
((:file "state")
(:file "state/cookie")
(:file "store")
(:file "session")))
(:file "stdout")))))
(:module "util"
:serial t
((:file "doc")
(:file "util")
(:file "stream")
(:file "localtime")
(:file "rfc2388")
(:file "hunchentoot")
(:file "route"))))))
:description "Web application environment for Common Lisp"
#.(with-open-file (stream (merge-pathnames
(or *load-pathname* *compile-file-pathname*))
:if-does-not-exist nil
:direction :input)
(when stream
(let ((seq (make-array (file-length stream)
:element-type 'character
:fill-pointer t)))
(setf (fill-pointer seq) (read-sequence seq stream))
:in-order-to ((test-op (load-op t-clack))))
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