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This file is a part of Clack package.
Copyright (c) 2011 Eitarow Fukamachi <>
Clack is freely distributable under the LLGPL License.
(clack.util:namespace clack.handler.hunchentoot
(:use :cl
(:shadow :stop)
(:import-from :clack.component :call)
(:import-from :flexi-streams
(cl-syntax:use-syntax :annot)
(defun initialize ()
(setf *hunchentoot-default-external-format*
(flex:make-external-format :utf-8 :eol-style :lf)
*handle-http-errors-p* nil
*default-content-type* "text/html; charset=utf-8"
*catch-errors-p* nil))
(defun run (app &key debug (port 5000))
"Start Hunchentoot server."
(when debug
(setf *show-lisp-errors-p* t))
(setf *dispatch-table*
#'(lambda (env)
#'(lambda ()
(if debug (call app env)
(aif (handler-case (call app env)
(condition (error)
@ignore error
'(500 nil nil))))))))
(start (make-instance '<debuggable-acceptor>
:port port
:access-log-destination nil
:error-template-directory nil)))
(defun stop (acceptor)
"Stop Hunchentoot server.
If no acceptor given, try to stop `*acceptor*' by default."
(hunchentoot:stop acceptor))
(defun handle-response (res)
"Convert Response from Clack application into a string
before pass to Hunchentoot."
(destructuring-bind (status headers body) res
(setf (return-code*) status)
(loop for (k v) on headers by #'cddr
with hash = (make-hash-table :test #'eq)
if (gethash k hash)
do (setf (gethash k hash)
(format nil "~:[~;~:*~A, ~]~A" (gethash k hash) v))
else do (setf (gethash k hash) v)
(loop for k being the hash-keys in hash
using (hash-value v)
do (setf (header-out k) v)))
(etypecase body
(hunchentoot:handle-static-file body (getf headers :content-type)))
(with-output-to-string (s)
(format s "~{~A~^~%~}" body))))))
(defun cookie->plist (cookie)
"Convert Hunchentoot's cookie class into just a plist."
:name (cookie-name cookie)
:value (cookie-value cookie)
:expires (cookie-expires cookie)
:path (cookie-path cookie)
:domain (cookie-domain cookie)
:secure (cookie-secure cookie)
:http-only (cookie-http-only cookie)))
(defun request->plist (req)
"Convert Request from server into a plist
before pass to Clack application."
(destructuring-bind (server-name &optional (server-port "80"))
(split-sequence #\: (host req) :from-end t)
:request-method (request-method* req)
:script-name ""
:path-info (url-decode (script-name* req))
:server-name server-name
:server-port (parse-integer server-port :junk-allowed t)
:server-protocol (server-protocol* req)
:request-uri (request-uri* req)
;; FIXME: This handler cannot connect with SSL now.
:url-scheme :http
:remote-addr (remote-addr* req)
:remote-port (remote-port* req)
;; Request params
:query-string (or (query-string* req) "")
:raw-body (raw-post-data :request req :want-stream t)
:content-length (awhen (header-in* :content-length req)
(parse-integer it :junk-allowed t))
:content-type (header-in* :content-type req)
:clack-handler :hunchentoot)
(loop for (k . v) in (hunchentoot:headers-in* req)
unless (find k '(:request-method :script-name :path-info :server-name :server-port :server-protocol :request-uri :remote-addr :remote-port :query-string :content-length :content-type :accept :connection))
append (list (intern (format nil "HTTP-~:@(~A~)" k) :keyword)
;; for Debug
;;; Acceptor that provides debugging from the REPL
;;; Based on an email by Andreas Fruchs:
(defclass <debuggable-acceptor> (acceptor)
(:documentation "An acceptor that handles errors by invoking the
(defmethod process-connection ((*acceptor* <debuggable-acceptor>) (socket t))
(declare (ignore socket))
;; Invoke the debugger on any errors except for SB-SYS:IO-TIMEOUT.
;; HTTP browsers usually leave the connection open for futher requests,
;; and Hunchentoot respects this but sets a timeout so that old connections
;; are cleaned up.
(let ((*debugging-p* t))
(handler-case (call-next-method)
#+sbcl (sb-sys:io-timeout (condition) (values nil condition))
(error (condition) (invoke-debugger condition)))))
(defmethod acceptor-request-dispatcher ((*acceptor* <debuggable-acceptor>))
(let ((dispatcher (call-next-method)))
(lambda (request)
(handler-bind ((error #'invoke-debugger))
(funcall dispatcher request)))))
(defmethod acceptor-dispatch-request ((this <debuggable-acceptor>) request)
"Hunchentoot request dispatcher for Clack. Most of this is same as
list-request-dispatcher, default one in Hunchentoot, except for convert
Request instance into just a plist before pass to Clack application."
(loop for dispatcher in *dispatch-table*
for action = (funcall dispatcher (request->plist request))
when action :return (funcall action)
finally (setf (return-code *reply*) +http-not-found+)))
(defmethod acceptor-status-message ((this <debuggable-acceptor>) http-status-code &rest args &key)
"Disable generating error HTML."
(declare (ignore http-status-code args))
@doc:NAME "
Clack.Handler.Hunchentoot - Clack handler for Hunchentoot.
(defpackage clack-sample
(:use :cl
(in-package :clack-sample)
;; Start Server
(run (lambda (env)
'(200 nil (\"ok\")))
:port 5000)
Clack.Handler.Hunchentoot is a Clack handler for Hunchentoot, Lisp web server. This package exports `run' and `stop'.
@doc:AUTHOR "
Eitarow Fukamachi (
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