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Clack - Web Application Environment for Common Lisp

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Clack is a web application environment for Common Lisp inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack.


(defvar *handler*
      (lambda (env)
        (declare (ignore env))
        '(200 (:content-type "text/plain") ("Hello, Clack!")))))

Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:5000/. You should get "Hello, Clack!".

To stop the server, use (clack:stop *handler*).

Command-line interface

Clack provides a script to start a web server. It's useful when you deploy to production environment.

NOTE: Install Roswell before as it depends on it.

When you execute ros install clack, it copies clackup script to $HOME/.roswell/bin. Make sure the path is in your shell $PATH.

$ ros install clack
$ which clackup

$ cat <<EOF >> app.lisp
(lambda (env)
  (declare (ignore env))
  '(200 (:content-type "text/plain") ("Hello, Clack!")))
$ clackup app.lisp
Hunchentoot server is started.
Listening on localhost:5000.


(ql:quickload :clack)



See Also

  • Lack: Clack application builder



Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Eitaro Fukamachi & contributors


Licensed under the LLGPL License.

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