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cxxxr committed Jun 25, 2018
2 parents 470923b + f31eba7 commit 121172ce68bdb6a7ed4588840a713a128bc1bf8d
Showing with 10 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 clack-test.asd
  2. +3 −3 roswell/clackup.ros
  3. +6 −7 src/handler/hunchentoot.lisp
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
:author "Eitaro Fukamachi"
:license "LLGPL"
:depends-on (:clack
@@ -31,9 +31,6 @@ Options:
Binds to a TCP port. Defaults to 5000.
Debug flag. The default is T.
A flag if use default middlewares. The default is T.
Specify NIL for preventing from loading those middlewares.
@@ -151,4 +148,7 @@ Options:
;; Disable threads
(setf (getf key-args :use-thread) nil)
;; Disable debugger
(setf (getf key-args :debug) nil)
(apply (intern (string :clackup) :clack) app-file key-args)))
@@ -62,13 +62,12 @@
(let ((app (acceptor-app acceptor))
(env (acceptor-handle-request acceptor req))
(hunchentoot:*catch-errors-p* nil))
(if (acceptor-debug acceptor)
(funcall app env)
(handler-case (funcall app env)
(error (error)
(princ error *error-output*)
'(500 () ("Internal Server Error"))))))))
(if (acceptor-debug acceptor)
(handle-response (funcall app env))
(handler-case (handle-response (funcall app env))
(error (error)
(princ error *error-output*)
'(500 () ("Internal Server Error")))))))
(defmethod hunchentoot:process-connection :around ((acceptor clack-acceptor) socket)
(let ((flex:*substitution-char* #-(or abcl lispworks) #\Replacement_Character

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