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rewrote README, the Installation part.

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@@ -24,7 +24,12 @@ It is a really cool product written by [Tomohiro Matsuyama](
Clack and cl-annot isn't in Quicklisp's repository yet ([now on request]( Then I think ASDF-INSTALL is the best way to setup them.
(asdf-install:install "")
- (asdf-install:install "")
+Next, [download Clack](, extract it and put it in a place where ASDF can find it.
+In the end, you can load Clack with [Quicklisp](
+ (ql:quickload :clack)
## Application
@@ -34,6 +39,20 @@ Clack Application is just a lambda. It takes exactly one argument, the "Request"
#'(lambda (req)
'(200 (:content-type "text/plain") ("Hello, World"))))
+### Clack.App.Route
+Clack is not a Web Application Framework. But Clack can also be used as such way.
+Clack bundles "Clack.App.Route", written by [Tomohiro Matsuyama](!/m2ym). It allows you to write an URL-based dispatcher, like Ruby's Sinatra.
+ (defroute app (req)
+ (GET \"/\" #'index)
+ (GET \"/login\" #'login)
+ (POST \"/login\" #'authorize)
+ (GET \"/member/:id\" #'member))
+ (clackup #'app)
### The Request
Example: http://localhost:4242/sns/member?id=3

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