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# Contributing to Clack

Clack is an open source project and we appreciate your help!

## Reporting bugs

Please [open an issue]( at GitHub.

Good reports must include these informations:

- The full backtrace with your error
- Minimum steps to reproduce it
- Names and versions you are using: OS, Common Lisp implementation, ASDF and Quicklisp dist

You can get informations about your environment by this code:

(flet ((put (k v &rest vs)
(format t "~&~A: ~A~{ ~A~}~%" k v vs)))
(put "Machine" (software-type) (software-version))
(put "Lisp" (lisp-implementation-type) (lisp-implementation-version)
#+(and sbcl (not sb-thread)) "(without threads)")
(put "ASDF" (asdf:asdf-version))
(let ((qlversion (ql:dist-version "quicklisp")))
(put "Quicklisp" qlversion
(if (string= (car (first (ql:available-dist-versions "quicklisp")))
"(update available)"))))
;-> Machine: Darwin 15.2.0
; Lisp: SBCL 1.3.1
; ASDF: 3.1.5
; Quicklisp: 2015-10-31 (latest)
;=> NIL
@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ When you execute `ros install clack`, it copies `clackup` script to `$HOME/.rosw
* [Toot](
* [Woo](

## How to contribute

See [](

## See Also

* [Lack]( Clack application builder

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