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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage lack.util
(:use :cl)
(:import-from :ironclad
(:export :find-package-or-load
(in-package :lack.util)
(defun locate-symbol (symbol pkg)
(check-type symbol (or symbol string))
(let* ((sym-name (if (symbolp symbol) (symbol-name symbol) symbol))
(sym (find-symbol sym-name pkg)))
(unless sym
(error "Unable to find symbol ~A in package ~S." symbol pkg))
(defun load-with-quicklisp (system)
(let* ((load-sym (locate-symbol '#:quickload '#:ql))
(error-sym (locate-symbol '#:system-not-found '#:ql)))
;; We're going to trap on every condition, but only actually
;; handle ones of the type we're interested in. Conditions that we
;; don't explicitly handle will be propagated normally, because
;; HANDLER-BIND is cool like that.
((t (lambda (c)
(when (typep c error-sym)
(return-from load-with-quicklisp (values))))))
(funcall load-sym system :silent t))))
(defun find-package-or-load (package-name)
(check-type package-name string)
(let ((package (find-package package-name)))
(or package
(let ((system-name (string-downcase (substitute #\- #\. package-name :test #'char=))))
(if (member :quicklisp *features*)
(load-with-quicklisp system-name)
(when (asdf:find-system system-name nil)
(asdf:load-system system-name :verbose nil)))
(find-package package-name)))))
(defun find-middleware (identifier)
(let* ((package-name (concatenate 'string
#.(string '#:lack.middleware.)
(substitute #\. #\- (symbol-name identifier))))
(package (find-package-or-load package-name)))
(unless package
(error "Middleware ~S is not found" package-name))
(let ((mw-symbol (intern (format nil "*~A*"
(substitute #\- #\. package-name
:test #'char=))
(if (and (boundp mw-symbol)
(functionp (symbol-value mw-symbol)))
(symbol-value mw-symbol)
(error "Middleware ~S is unbound or not a function" mw-symbol)))))
(defun funcall-with-cb (app env cb)
(let ((res (funcall app env)))
(typecase res
(cons (funcall cb res))
(lambda (responder)
(funcall res (lambda (res)
(funcall responder (funcall cb res))))))
(otherwise res))))
(defun content-length (res)
(destructuring-bind (status headers &optional body)
(declare (ignore status))
(or (getf headers :content-length)
(etypecase body
(list (reduce #'+ body :key #'length))
(pathname (with-open-file (in body)
(file-length in)))
((vector (unsigned-byte 8))
(length body))))))
(defun generate-random-id ()
"Generates a random token."
(make-digest :SHA1)
(format nil "~A~A"
(random 1.0) (get-universal-time))))))