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Is it possible to separate asdf:load-op for ningle-test and runnig the test suite? #1

avodonosov opened this Issue Dec 18, 2013 · 0 comments

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In cl-test-grid project we are running tests of CL libraries on various lisps implementation and OSes. The tests include ql:quickload for every ASDF system in quicklisp and also running testsuites of some libraries.

You may find your library test results at[LIBNAME].html. For example

When we do (ql:quickload :ningle-test) it runs the testsuite, including starting hunchentoot.
It sometimes fails due to port being busy and just hangs on some lisps.

For example, sbcl --eval "(ql:quickload :ningle-test)" --eval "(quit)" hangs forever.

Is it possible to separate the test running from system loading?
I.e. to run testsuite on could do
(ql:quickload :ningle-test)

But if you just want to load ASDF system you can (ql:quickload :ningle-test)

@fukamachi fukamachi closed this in 42afcd3 Dec 28, 2013
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