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A web framework for Common Lisp never finished.
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The caveman in offering the first garland to his maiden thereby transcended the brute. He became a utopian in thus rising above the crude necessities of nature. He entered the realm of art when he perceived the subtle use of the useless. -- Okakura Tenshin, "The Book of Tea"

3 steps to write a better web application:

  1. Choose the right language.
  2. Choose the right web framework.
  3. Write less.

Utopian is a web application framework for encouraging rapid web development.


Getting started


$ git clone
$ ros -l utopian/utopian.asd install utopian

Ensure ~/.roswell/bin is in your shell $PATH.

Creating a new project

$ utopian new blog
writing blog/blog.asd
writing blog/qlfile
writing blog/package.lisp
writing blog/package.json
writing blog/gulpfile.js
writing blog/app.lisp
writing blog/README.markdown
writing blog/Lakefile
writing blog/.gitignore
writing blog/.babelrc
writing blog/assets/javascripts/app.js
writing blog/assets/stylesheets/app.less
writing blog/config/webpack.config.js
writing blog/config/routes.lisp
writing blog/config/assets.js
writing blog/config/application.lisp
writing blog/config/environments/development.lisp
writing blog/config/environments/production.lisp
writing blog/controllers/root.lisp
writing blog/db/development/migrations/.keep
writing blog/db/production/migrations/.keep
writing blog/log/.keep
writing blog/models/.keep
writing blog/views/
writing blog/views/errors/404.html
writing blog/views/layouts/

Starting a server

$ cd blog/
$ qlot exec lake server

Generating a new controller

$ utopian generate controller welcome index
writing controllers/welcome.lisp
writing views/welcome/index.html
writing assets/stylesheets/welcome/index.less

Generating a new model

$ utopian generate model user name:varchar:20 email:varchar:255
writing models/user.lisp

Run qlot exec lake db:generate-migrations after this for generating a migration file and apply it with qlot exec lake db:migrate.


$ APP_ENV=production clackup app.lisp --server woo --port 8080

See Also



Copyright (c) 2016 Eitaro Fukamachi


Licensed under the LLGPL License.

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