Golang cpu, memory, gc, etc information api handler.
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Golang cpu, memory, gc, etc information api handler.

Build Status


go get github.com/fukata/golang-stats-api-handler


import (
func main() {
    http.HandleFunc("/api/stats", stats_api.Handler)
    log.Fatal( http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil) )


$ curl -i http://localhost:8080/api/stats/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 712
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 16:52:13 GMT

    "time": 1440348733548339479,
    "go_version": "go1.5",
    "go_os": "darwin",
    "go_arch": "amd64",
    "cpu_num": 8,
    "goroutine_num": 24,
    "gomaxprocs": 8,
    "cgo_call_num": 9,
    "memory_alloc": 3974536,
    "memory_total_alloc": 12857888,
    "memory_sys": 12871928,
    "memory_lookups": 52,
    "memory_mallocs": 144922,
    "memory_frees": 118936,
    "memory_stack": 688128,
    "heap_alloc": 3974536,
    "heap_sys": 8028160,
    "heap_idle": 2170880,
    "heap_inuse": 5857280,
    "heap_released": 0,
    "heap_objects": 25986,
    "gc_next": 4833706,
    "gc_last": 1440348732827834419,
    "gc_num": 4,
    "gc_per_second": 0,
    "gc_pause_per_second": 0,
    "gc_pause": [
Key Value
time unix timestamp as nano-seconds
go_version runtime.Version()
go_os runtime.GOOS
go_arch runtime.GOARCH
cpu_num number of CPUs
goroutine_num number of goroutines
gomaxprocs runtime.GOMAXRPOCS(0)
cgo_call_num runtime.NumCgoCall()
memory_alloc bytes allocated and not yet freed
memory_total_alloc bytes allocated (even if freed)
memory_sys bytes obtained from system
memory_lookups number of pointer lookups
memory_mallocs number of mallocs
memory_frees number of frees
memory_stack bytes used by stack allocator
heap_alloc bytes allocated and not yet freed (same as memory_alloc above)
heap_sys bytes obtained from system (not same as memory_sys)
heap_idle bytes in idle spans
heap_inuse bytes in non-idle span
heap_released bytes released to the OS
heap_objects total number of allocated objects
gc_next next collection will happen when HeapAlloc ≥ this amount
gc_last end time of last collection
gc_num number of GC-run
gc_per_second number of GC-run per second
gc_pause_per_second pause duration by GC per seconds
gc_pause pause durations by GC