GUI deep learning IDE based on chainer.
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GUI deep learning IDE based on chainer.

The interface may be changed.


Software Requirement

  • Python (3.5 or later)
  • chainer (2.0.0 or later)
  • cupy (For GPU user)
  • PyQt5
  • chainercv (Optional, for image classification task)
pip install chainer
pip install cupy
pip install pyqt5


git clone
python install



python bin/

I'm preparing user manual.

Use with chainerui


Please setup chainerui.

pip install chainerui
chainerui db create
chainerui db upgrade

If chainerui installed, ChainerWing creates project, startup server open report by web browser automatically.


Many of GUI design is referenced by Floppy. ( Floppy is licenced by BSD 3 Clause.

Parts of chainer extension is referenced by chainer. ( chainer is licenced by MIT License.

Blog Entry(Japanese)