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.Dd Mar 15, 2016
.Os Linux
.Dt "ffiler man page"
.Nm ffiler
.Nd Sort files into structured directory tree
.Op Fl rMCLHvnh
.Op Fl s Ar filing_structure
.Op Fl d Ar depth
.Op Fl o Ar /output/path/
.Pa file1 file2 fileN
File Filer sorts files into structured directory tree. Tree can be structured based on various designs such as date (file modification time), file hash, file prefix etc
.Fl sm
.Fl dm
.Pa files*.txt
.Bl -hang -offset indent
.It Fl s Op X
Filing structure to use. X can be one of:
.D1 Li m = File by modified timestamp of file
.D1 Li s = File by first X chars of the md5 hash of the file name (faster than -S)
.D1 Li S = File by first X chars of the md5 hash of the file contents (slow)
.D1 Li f = File by first X chars of file name (eg, -f3 a/f/i/afile.txt)
.D1 Li t = File by mime-type of file (eg, image/jpeg)
.It Fl d Op DEPTH
Depth of tree structure (see below)
.It Fl o Op /output/path
Destination path to move/copy/link input files to
.It Fl r
Recurse into directories.
.It Fl M
Move files into tree structure (This is the default)
.It Fl C
Copy files into tree structure
.It Fl L
Symbolic link files into tree structure
.It Fl H
Hard link files into tree structure
.It Fl v
Verbose output
.It Fl n
Dry run only (do not touch files; implies -v)
.It Fl h
Show help
There are various filing tree structures available:
.Bl -bullet
Modified Timestamp
MD5 hash of file name
MD5 hash of file contents (slower)
Leading characters of file name
MIME type of file
Modified Timestamp
An example tree (directories only) filing to a depth of 2 (YYYY/Month/):
.Ss By MD5 Hash
An example tree (directories only) filing to a depth of 2 characters:
.Bd -literal
├── 2
│ ├── 2
│ └── b
├── a
│ ├── 1
│ └── e
└── e
├── 1
└── 7
.Ss By Filename
Similar to filing by hash, but don't bother to hash anything first (just take the first X characters of the filename).
An example tree (including files) filing to a depth of 2 characters:
.Bd -literal
├── e
│ ├── l
│ │ └── elephant
│ └── x
│ └── example
├── f
│ ├── f
│ │ └── ffiler
│ └── i
│ └── file
└── t
└── e
└── test
.Ss Mime type
An example tree (including files):
.Bd -literal
├── application
│ └── postscript
│ └── mylogo.eps
└── image
├── jpeg
│ ├── mylogo.jpg
│ ├── yourlogo.jpg
│ └── herlogo.jpeg
└── png
└── hislogo.png
Most of the filing methods require a depth for the resulting tree structure. Valid depths depend on the filing method.
For string-based methods (MD5 hashes or filenames) the depth is the number of characters (positive integer) to build the tree with.
Example to sort to the second character as above:
.Fl ss
.Fl d2
.Pa *.txt
For timestamp-based methods (modified time) the depth is the timestamp granularity:
.Bd -literal
y = Year (eg 2010/)
m = Month (eg 2010/01-Jan/)
d = Day (eg 2010/01-Jan/15/)
H = Hour (eg 2010/01-Jan/15/18/)
M = Minute (eg 2010/01-Jan/15/18/20/)
S = Second (eg 2010/01-Jan/15/18/20/34/)
Example to sort to the "month" level:
.Fl sm
.Fl dm
.Pa *.txt
No known bugs.
.An "Phillip Smith" (