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PostgreSQL Backup Script. Ported from AutoMySQLBackup.
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A script for automated backups of PostgreSQL Databases

This script is a fork of "MySQL Backup Script" version 2.5 Copyright © 2002-2003 available from:


This script is designed to be run daily, but can be run more often. Rolling daily, weekly and monthly backups are created in the specified location for each database requested to be backed up. Backups can be optionally compressed to save diskspace. Backups can also be optionally emailed as attachments.

Installation and Usage

A Makefile is included; running make install will install to /usr/local

make install

Use PREFIX to change install location

make PREFIX=/opt install

You will probably want the script to run on a regular basis; you can do this using cron. Create /etc/cron.d/pgsql-backup with the following contents:

0 1 * * * root /usr/local/bin/pgsql-backup

This will run the script at 1.00am every day. Refer to the cron man page for more information about scheduling with cron.


Refer to the man page for full details of all available configuration options. At a minimum, you will most likely need to ensure the following options are valid for your environment:







PostgreSQL Configuration

Refer to the man page for details about configuring PostgreSQL permissions in an appropriate manner for pgsql-backup.

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