extremely lightweight alternative to heavy phpMyAdmin for quick and easy access MySQL databases
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changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.8.120510

  • fixed: Undefined offset in get_rand_str
  • fixed: automatic relogin on XSS error
  • added: page navigator at the bottom
  • added: row counts, table sizes on the table list
  • added: MIT license
  • added: query history via browser's localStorage
  • added: if database empty - show databases
  • added: after import - show tables
  • changed: moved from html 4.01 to html 5
  • changed: simplified settings form

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.7.111025

  • fixed: unable to relogin on XSS error
  • fixed: truncate button doesn't work
  • minor changes in text labels and css styles

changes in phpMiniAdmin 1.7.110429

  • added: import/export to/from gzip compressed files (.gz)