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terraform public module to make Lambda and proxy API Gateway
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A module that creates an API Gateway Proxy And Lambda with S3 repo's artifact.

Current stable version: 1.0.2

required version

terraform 0.12.0+

Call me like this:

module "sample_api"{
  source  = "fukubaka0825/lambda-proxy-integration/aws"
  version = "1.0.2"
  apigw_name = "sample-api"
  function_name = "sample-api"
  lambda_role = module.lambda_role.iam_role_arn
  // The repo's name and object key where source code artifact exists
  s3_bucket =
  s3_key = "lambda/"
  // If you want to use vpc lambda,required
  security_group_ids = [module.http_sg.security_group_id]
  subnet_ids = module.vpc.app_subnets

output "invoke_url" {
  value = "${module.lambda_proxy.invoke_url}"
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