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An admin interface would be nice... #120

ntmggr opened this Issue · 4 comments

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In order to be able to do admin admin stuff such as

  • Remove signup page
  • Control your projects and users
  • authenticate through different means
  • include logos of your company
  • change the e-mail from and links from there and not from the initializers

I really like fulcrum as an alternative to self-hosted pivotal tracker.
But for use in a production environment is missing a better role management and administration.

  • Remove the signup page
  • An administrator role to manage the list of all users and all projects.
  • Roles per project : reader only, contributor and admin.


Really like it too.

  • Remove signup page

There is a pull request for read-only access to anonymous users, but I think it is dead (#49). I will look at resurrecting it at some point, but it's so far behind master now it's going to be difficult to merge and it might be easier to start from scratch.

Disabling the sign up form is a common enough request to make a feature for, but probably only as a configuration flag.

I intend to make the email from address and other site specific parameters available in a configuration file that is outside git control, so these things can all be configured without forking.

At the moment, the only roles I plan to implement for users are read-only and full access, on a per project basis. I'd like to avoid the concept of a 'super admin' if at all possible.

I will probably think about allowing a custom stylesheet at some point, but it's low priority at the moment.


Hi malclocke,

To disable the ability to save a configuration parameter is actually sufisant.

For a super admin I will argue the necessity of this improvement.
For production use within an organization it is necessary that the project manager can control the various projects and their users.
Suppose I do not want more work with a collaborator, at present I can not even delete his account.

I made the choice to use in my organization fulcrum instead of pivotal tracker, this is not a reason for money, I just prefer to use open source tools and self-hosted.
Although fulcrum have less functionality than PT, but it is quite usable in production, and after two months of use, one important feature missing is the ability to manage the tools with a super-admin account.

@kaleworsley kaleworsley referenced this issue from a commit in kaleworsley/fulcrum
@kaleworsley kaleworsley Add config option to disable user registration.
Addresses part of #120.
@dhruvasagar dhruvasagar referenced this issue from a commit in dhruvasagar/fulcrum
@kaleworsley kaleworsley Add config option to disable user registration.
Addresses part of #120.
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