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Highlight effect on stories updated by another user not working #83

stalcottsmith opened this Issue · 2 comments

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When we log in and update a story from another browser, the updates are fetched on the first browser but we do not see a highlight effect on the affected story. The code appears to be there for it but it doesn't seem to be running or is not having an effect. We cloned the master (not our fork) and found the same behavior.

We are investigating.


Hi Steven,

Yes, the highlight hasn't been working for some time. I'm afraid I can't remember if it was broken by some change or whether I turned it off intentionally. I vaguely remember there might have been a problem with the callback order that triggers it.

Has been a low priority to fix, but would be awesome to get it going again. Let us know if you have any questions.


We're still investigating but based on our observations, it seems that the story does highlight BUT we don't see it because it is being deleted and created at the same time. This is what we think is happening(correct me if I'm wrong):

  1. Story is updated(we usually test this with FF and Chrome - we update the story estimate in FF then wait in Chrome for it to update) 2a. Since story was updated, the page re-renders everything(project_view has a binding for all changes to stories). 2b. When the browser polls and sees the changeset, it runs the highlight script.

These both happen almost at the same time and in effect, the re-render "covers" the intended highlight. If this sounds a bit confusing, try these steps to see it in action:

  1. Open a project w/ FF and Chrome.
  2. In Chrome, inspect a story and get its id then open console and select it using jQuery. $("#1149")
  3. Run the effect manually on it through console. Based on our investigations, the most effective effect to use for understanding is explode(any other effect won't be seen because of the bug) $("#1149").effect("explode", {}, 3000); You should see the story explode, fade out and disappear from the story list.
  4. Refresh Chrome. Now go to FF, change the estimate of that story then switch back to Chrome and wait for the change to re-render the page.

You'll see the explode effect, but the story stays there, meaning there's another story being created on top of it.

We're still working on a fix(probably just some timing issue?) but if you have any suggestion as to which path to take or any insight as to which files/lines to look out for, it would be great.

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