Making fulcrum Jruby compatible #93

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Fixing the Gem file. (I want to claim this so please let me figure how to do the git hub thing).

remove this line: gem 'sqlite3'
add this:
platforms :jruby do
gem 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter', :require => false

group :development, :test do
platforms :jruby do
gem 'jdbc-sqlite3', :require => false
platforms :ruby do
gem 'sqlite3-ruby', :require => 'sqlite3'


@rebelwarrior to contribute you just need to fork the project and edit the Gemfile. You can do this right from within GitHub if you like by clicking "Fork and edit this file" when viewing the Gemfile here

You then edit the file to your heart's desire and save it (all from GitHub's UI) which then will take you through to creating a pull request :-) This is if you're fairly confident that your changes will work. Otherwise, you should fork the project and clone your repository locally, make changes, commit and push to GitHub and open the pull request using the UI feature from your fork.

Here are the appropriate help documents which describe things better than I can with helpful diagrams:

One point worth noting is that the gem is not called sqlite3-ruby but just merely sqlite3 (noticed that in the last few lines of the code you pasted above)


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