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This branch adds basic keyboard shortcut support for Fulcrum.

Implemented shortcuts:
Help -> ?
New story -> a
Save currently edited story -> + s
Toggle backlog + b
Toggle don + d
Toggle chilly bin -> + i
Toggle In progress + p

Achilles Cha... added some commits Sep 26, 2012
Achilles Charmpilas updated fork's readme a35f2bc
Achilles Charmpilas docs and new screenshot 49b176e
Achilles Charmpilas added text mate project ignore 40fc522
Achilles Charmpilas fixed 1.8.7 inflections issue. Seems like the .irregular changes cons…
…iderably under 1.8.*, so I used plural instead
Achilles Charmpilas Keyboard shortcuts. All shortcuts will be implemented along with sele…
…nium tests.

This one is the Help shortcut
Achilles Charmpilas removed a test for a shortcut that will not be implemented yet 3846b37
Achilles Charmpilas added .DS_Store files to ignore 5124dc3
Achilles Charmpilas fixed a classname typo c848b5a
Achilles Charmpilas also fixed in spec c6e552a
Achilles Charmpilas Fixed class set for VisibilityColumns, as add_story did not actually …
…work as expected up till now (would not open chilly bin if it was closed)
Achilles Charmpilas add story key cut with test 1d3b836
Achilles Charmpilas Lets go for ctl instead of cmd f573b83
Achilles Charmpilas we re gonna go with keyCodes instead of key chars, because we wanna c…
…ater to key combinations as well
Achilles Charmpilas ? Now toggles help on and off
Also, right now the app is too eager to listen to your keyboard, we need to scope down it a bit
Achilles Charmpilas save currently edited story (ctl+s) 76eaef0
Achilles Charmpilas typo 2efb3f7
Achilles Charmpilas added visibility toggled classname spec 3b93af4
Achilles Charmpilas column toggling keycuts 5949ba3
Achilles Charmpilas removed not implemented key cuts 0af302d
Achilles Charmpilas I m not doing the save by enter thing. Noone here ever liked it 5bd8375
Achilles Charmpilas typos in keycut help acfb771
Achilles Charmpilas removed console debug call 971dc68
@parndt parndt commented on the diff Nov 29, 2012
@@ -1,12 +1,14 @@
+Fulcrum - Humbucker fork
@parndt parndt commented on the diff Nov 29, 2012
Fulcrum is an application to provide a user story based backlog management
system for agile development teams. See
[the project page]( for more
-![Fulcrum Screenshot](
+![Fulcrum Screenshot](
+Humbuckers' fork features a slightly different and -in our opinion- less cluttered CSS, greek localization and a few other minor stylistical modifications.
parndt Nov 29, 2012

This would have to be removed if you want this merged at all

@parndt parndt commented on the diff Nov 29, 2012
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ if (typeof Fulcrum == 'undefined') {
Fulcrum = {};
-Fulcrum.ColumnVisibiltyButtonView = Backbone.View.extend({
+Fulcrum.ColumnVisibilityButtonView = Backbone.View.extend({
parndt commented Nov 29, 2012

These changes generally seem pretty positive to me!

@Achillefs how would you feel about rebasing this against current master and squashing to a single commit or many, many less commits all related to discrete functionality?

@malclocke I think this is a good candidate for merge once it's cleaned up a little.

darvin commented Dec 11, 2012

i love that!


Sure. I ll rebase it and reissue the pull request

@Achillefs Achillefs closed this Dec 25, 2012
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