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Adds tasks list for stories

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Any specs for this?


No yet, having troubles building qtwebkit : (
I'm planing to do soon


@gchaincl which OS?


@jrgifford It's Archlinux, the problem I guess is that I'm using qtwebkit 2.3.beta2-1 instead of 2.2.2.
So I'll build from sources and try


A few things:

  • The jasmine tests are broken for me. Run rake jasmine then point a browser to localhost:8888
  • Can you remove the file app/assets/javascripts/tasks.js
  • Can you remove the empty spec files so there are no pending specs.
  • I get a translation error, see screenshot.

Screenshot from 2013-04-12 22:45:08

DVG commented May 9, 2013

+1 would love this


@gchaincl , if you haven't solved your Capybara webkit problem... bundle update capybara-webkit - it updates to 1.0.0 and resolves the build failure. I elicited the same build problem as you on master using Ubuntu 13.04 and updating fixed it.


@mattraykowski cool, thanks!
I'll try to rebase and fix my commit to get task list working ASAP, too much work here and no time to code :(


Any further word on this? What still needs to be done in order to be able to merge this pull request? I'll help if I can.


I've updated this branch to fix some bugs.


What is the status of this PR?

Some time ago I merged it for myself and everything seems to be working, the tests are passing too.


I would love to have this feature, too!

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