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wasabhi commented Oct 6, 2011

First couple of steps as requested are complete. I need some assistance to tackle the JS UI read only side of things, lets chat offline to discuss and I will send another pull request.


Just need a checkbox on the projects#edit form so set the public flag. Will also need access to the ChangesetsController on public projects.

Stuff that needs to be done for contextual JS UI:

  • Some method in JS like Project.isReadOnly() or similar.
  • Hide the projects drop down top right.
  • Hide 'stories | members | edit ... ' links
  • Don't initialize the dragable behaviours (public/javascripts/fulcrum.js)
  • Hide the 'expand form' button on each story.
  • Replace the 'Estimate', 'Start', 'Finish', 'Deliver', etc. buttons with an indicator of the stories current state.

That's all I can think of atm.

wasabhi commented Oct 6, 2011

Cool, expect more soon.


Probably easiest wrt to the story display to set up a new jQuery.tmpl rather than filling the existing one up with if statements. The existing one is embedded in app/views/projects/show.html.erb

parndt commented Nov 29, 2012

Is this likely to be a goer?


Closing this as it's probably not going to rebase any more. Thank you for the work @wasabhi, will probably use it as reference when this eventually gets implemented. Sorry we didn't get around to getting it over the line :(

@malclocke malclocke closed this Apr 13, 2013
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