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A simple application built using fulcrum-node for dispatching records.
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Fulcrum Dispatch

Fulcrum dispatch is a simple record dispatching and assignment app built using fulcrum-node. The intent is to demonstrate a small amount of functionality with commented source code to help facilitate building exactly what you need. With the app, a dispatcher can assign records, representing appointments, to technicians by dragging and dropping them on the technicians job queue. A map is displayed showing the location of each appointment.

You can see the application in action here: Video


The server side is built on node.js and written in CoffeeScript so you'll need to install the necessary dependencies first:

cd /path/to/fulcrum-dispatch
npm install

Start the web server with:

npm start

The front-end is also written in CoffeeScript and bundled with Browserify. Use the watch command to track any changes to files in /assets/js/src and automatically compile and bundle with browserify:

npm run watch

It's probably best, though, to simply use the dev command to run the web server and watch the front-end at the same time:

npm run dev

To compile CoffeeScript for deployment, be sure to use the build command, not watch:

npm run build

Environment Variables

You'll need to set a couple environment variables that allow you to communicate with the Fulcrum API.

heroku config:set FULCRUM_API_KEY=super_long_string_that_is_a_secret
heroku config:set FULCRUM_FORM_ID=abc-123-def-456
heroku config:set FULCRUM_TECHNICIAN_ROLE_ID=abc-123-def-456
heroku config:set FULCRUM_DISPATCHER_ROLE_ID=abc-123-def-456
heroku config:set FULCRUM_API_URL=
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