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  1. fgbio fgbio Public

    Tools for working with genomic and high throughput sequencing data.

    Scala 304 68

  2. fqgrep fqgrep Public

    Grep for FASTQ files

    Rust 90 4

  3. guide-counter guide-counter Public

    A better, faster way to count guides in CRISPR screens.

    Rust 25 3

  4. fqtk fqtk Public

    Fast FASTQ sample demultiplexing in Rust.

    Rust 51 1

  5. pybedlite pybedlite Public

    Lightweight Python interfaces for reading, writing, and querying Genomic Regions (BED)

    Python 12

  6. fgoxide fgoxide Public

    Quality of life improvements in Rust.

    Rust 4 3


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