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ncurses PulseAudio Mixer

An ncurses mixer for PulseAudio inspired by pavucontrol.



Your configuration gets created on first run. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is defined then it will be created at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ncpamixer.conf otherwise $HOME/.ncpamixer.conf

Custom colors? Why not!

ncpamixer supports 256 colors. You can change them in ncpamixer.conf

Custom bindings? Sure!

You find them in ncpamixer.conf

Default bindings

Event Default
switch tab Cycle trought sinks, outputs, profile and ports
select enter Select option in dropdowns
quit escape Quit
quit q Quit
dropdown c Open dropdown for selecting sinks, outputs, profile and ports
mute m Mute selected item
set_default d Set default sink/source
volume_up l Increase volume on selected item
volume_down h Decrease volume on selected item
volume_up arrow right Increase volume on selected item
volume_down arrow left Decrease volume on selected item
move_up k Move up
move_down j Move down
move_up arrow up Move up
move_down arrow down Move down
page_up page up Previous page in dropdown
page_down page down Next page in dropdown
tab_next L Next tab
tab_prev H Previous tab
tab_playback F1 Jump to playback tab
tab_recording F2 Jump to recording tab
tab_output F3 Jump to output tab
tab_input F4 Jump to input tab
tab_config F5 Jump to configuration tab
move_last G Move to last item
move_first g Move to first item
set_volume_0 0 Set volume to 0%
set_volume_10 1 Set volume to 10%
set_volume_20 2 Set volume to 20%
set_volume_30 3 Set volume to 30%
set_volume_40 4 Set volume to 40%
set_volume_50 5 Set volume to 50%
set_volume_60 6 Set volume to 60%
set_volume_70 7 Set volume to 70%
set_volume_80 8 Set volume to 80%
set_volume_90 9 Set volume to 90%
set_volume_100 Unbound Set volume to 100%


  • PulseAudio 👽
  • ncurses

Build dependencies

  • CMake
  • C++14 compatible compiler


Arch Linux

packer -S ncpamixer-git

Gentoo ebuild

Tested on

  • Gentoo kernel 4.12.10, PulseAudio 11.0 and ncurses 6.0-r1
  • Gentoo kernel 4.6.2, PulseAudio 9.0 and ncurses 6.0-r1
  • Arch Linux 4.6.4-1 PulseAudio 9.0 and ncurses 6.0-4
  • Fedora kernel 4.18.10-200, PulseAudio 12.2 and ncurses 6.1-5