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An official Angular component for FullCalendar
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.github issue template Apr 5, 2019
projects/fullcalendar bump to v4.1.0. make reliance of package on core stricter (~) Apr 24, 2019
scripts only require cwt on subdir Apr 24, 2019
src rename class to FullCalendarComponent. move files around Apr 1, 2019
.gitignore remove package-lock from version control Apr 4, 2019
.travis.yml clean up travis config Apr 4, 2019 readme and contrib guide Apr 4, 2019
LICENSE.txt give LICENSE file an extension Apr 1, 2019 build status badge Apr 4, 2019
angular.json allow npm-linked projects Apr 2, 2019
package.json bump and commit version (had to do it manually) Apr 24, 2019
tsconfig.json library change name Mar 28, 2019

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