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FullCalendar Website Static Content Build Status

This repo contains the static content for

The source for documentation articles are found in directories like _docs-v1 and _docs-v3.

Reporting Problems

See a problem with the docs? Create a ticket in the main dev repo's issue tracker. All docs-related bugs have the docs label.


To make edits to the documentation please submit a Pull Request against the master branch of this repo.

Getting Set Up

First, clone this repo.

Then, install Jekyll (a static-site generator) on your local machine. You can view in-depth instructions, but essentially you need to have ruby available on your machine and then you can run:

gem install jekyll

You also need to have the Rubygem bundler installed:

gem install bundler

Then, cd into the fullcalendar-site-static directory you cloned.

Then, run the following:

bundler install

npm install

jekyll serve --watch

A url will pop up, probably, which you can then view in a browser. If you used the --watch parameter, the built site will rebuild with every edit. If you want a speedier build, use the --incremental parameter, but be aware of its shortcoming.

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