@arshaw arshaw released this Feb 6, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

BIG changes since last alpha release:
(see for more info)

  • all functionality is broken up into plugins
  • changed the names of many views (ex: agendaWeek -> timeGridWeek)
  • changed the names of the npm packages (ex: @fullcalendar/core)
  • technique for initializing a calendar (and using plugins) has changed
  • SuperAgent is no longer needed
  • Bootstrap 3 theme support dropped
  • jQuery UI theme support dropped
  • Bower support dropped
  • Composer support temporarily dropped
  • a new npm-run based dev workflow
  • bundled via Rollup (instead of Webpack)

Smaller changes since last alpha release:

  • no need to specify timeZoneImpl setting. simply use luxon or moment-timezone plugin instead
  • agendaEventMinHeight renamed to timeGridEventMinHeight
  • for registering a custom view use createPlugin instead of defineView
  • groupByDatesAndResources and groupByResources removed. Use datesAboveResources instead
  • removed the deprecated theme settings. use themeSystem instead
  • for Boostrap 4 theme support, specify themeSystem: 'boostrap' instead of ('bootstrap4')

Really obscure changes (TODO: move these to final changelog):

  • MAX_TIMELINE_SLOTS moved to (packageRoot).config.MAX_TIMELINE_SLOTS
  • touchMouseIgnoreWait moved to (packageRoot).config.touchMouseIgnoreWait
  • dataAttrPrefix moved to (packageRoot).config.dataAttrPrefix
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