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Node.js SDK for FullContact Contacts API
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IMPORTANT: This SDK should be used server-side only. Using it in a browser would expose Client Secret or API Key.


npm install contacts-api-node --save


API Documentation can be found at

JSDocs can be found in



var fullcontact = require('contacts-api-node')({
	apiKey: '<API Key>', //for v2 APIs. See:
	clientId: '<Client ID>', //for v3 APIs. See:
	clientSecret: '<Client Secret>',
	redirectUri: '<Redirect URI>',
	scope: 'list,of,scopes',
	userAgent: '<AppName/Version>',
	baseUrl: '<URL>' //to override base api url

All OAuth methods can be found under the oauth property on the client.

Supported Methods:
  • getAuthorizationUrl()
  • exchangeAuthCode(code)
  • exchangeRefreshToken(refresh_token)
var url = fullcontact.oauth.getAuthorizationUrl();
v2 APIs

All v2 APIs can be found under the v2 property on the client.

	email: ''
	.then(res => {
		//2xx response
	.catch(res => {
		//non-2xx response
Contacts APIs

All Contacts APIs can be found under the contacts property on the client.

	.then(res => {
		//2xx response
	.catch(res => {
		//non-2xx response


To run tests:

npm test

To get coverage report:

npm run coverage

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