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Remove API key from query string

* Prefer putting the api key in the HEADER
* This all really needs to be redone :(
* v0.11.10
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1 parent 49901ac commit 6c245f3016a7823870b46fec051896e9a2abe8c9 @Skiggz Skiggz committed Apr 27, 2014
2 pom.xml
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
<name>FullContact Java Bindings</name>
- <version>0.11.9</version>
+ <version>0.11.10</version>
2 src/main/java/com/fullcontact/api/libs/fullcontact4j/http/
@@ -253,6 +253,8 @@ public static String postBatchRequest(Map<String, String> queryParams, List<Stri
private static String postWithGZip(String apiKey, String baseUrl, Map<String, String> params, byte[] data, String contentType)
throws FullContactException {
try {
+ // Remove API key from params, and put it in the header
+ params.remove(Constants.PARAM_API_KEY);
HttpURLConnection connection = createHttpConnectionForQuery(baseUrl, params);
addConnectionProperties(contentType, connection);
connection.setRequestProperty(Constants.API_KEY_HEADER_NAME, apiKey);

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