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Easily take a photo or video or choose from library

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Helps you quickly take a picture or video like this:


What you do

  1. Make a FDTakeController and call - (void)takePhotoOrChooseFromLibrary
  2. Implement FDTakeDelegate and handle - (void)takeController:(FDTakeController *)controller gotPhoto:(UIImage *)photo withInfo:(NSDictionary *)info
  3. Implement anything else you want in FDTakeController.h

What we do

  1. See if device has camera
  2. Create action sheet with appropriate options ("Take Photo" or "Choose from Library"), as available
  3. Localize "Take Photo" and "Choose from Library" into user's language
  4. Wait for response
  5. Bring up image picker with selected image picking method
  6. Default to selfie mode if so configured
  7. Get response, extract image from a dictionary
  8. Dismiss picker, send image to delegate

Project status

  • Works with photo and videos; the camera and photo roll; iPhones, iPods and iPads
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Turkish (thanks Suleyman Melikoglu)
    • French (thanks Guillaume Algis)
    • Dutch (thanks Mathijs Kadijk)
    • Chinese Traditional (thanks Qing Ao)
    • German (thanks Lars Häuser)
    • Russian (thanks Alexander Zubkov)
    • Norwegian (thanks Sindre Sorhus)
    • Arabic (thanks HadiIOS)
    • Polish (thanks Jacek Kwiecień)
    • Spanish (thanks David Jorge)
    • Hebrew (thanks Asaf Siman-Tov)
    • Danish (thanks kaspernissen)
    • Please help translate FDTake.strings to more languages
  • Works on iOS 4 or above, but requires ARC
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