Command line program to print location information from CoreLocation
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CoreLocationCLI gets the physical location of your device and prints it to standard output. If you move it can also print your updated location. Kill it with CTRL-C.


Note for Mac users: make sure WiFi is turned on. Otherwise you will see kCLErrorDomain error 0.


CoreLocationCLI -h
CoreLocationCLI -json
CoreLocationCLI [-follow] [-verbose] [-format FORMAT]
Switch Description
-h Display this help message and exit
-follow Continually print location
-verbose Verbose mode
-json JSON output mode
-format FORMAT Print a formatted string with the following specifiers
Format Description
%%latitude Latitude (degrees north; or negative for south)
%%longitude Longitude (degrees west; or negative for east)
%%altitude Altitude (meters)
%%direction Degrees from true north
%%speed Meters per second
%%h_accuracy Horizontal accuracy (meters)
%%v_accuracy Vertical accuracy (meters)
%%time Time
%%address Reverse geocoded location to an address

The default format is: %%latitude %%longitude.

Output examples

50.943829 6.941043
./CoreLocationCLI -format "%latitude %longitude\n%address"
50.943829 6.941043
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 21
	Cologne North Rhine-Westphalia 50672
./CoreLocationCLI -json
 "latitude": 40.141196,
 "longitude": -75.034815,
 "altitude": 92.00,
 "direction": -1.0,
 "speed": -1,
 "h_accuracy": 65,
 "v_accuracy": 10,
 "time": "2017-06-25 05:36:35 +0000",
 "address": "407 Keats Rd
Lower Moreland PA 19006
United States"


Install the latest release using Homebrew with:

brew cask install corelocationcli

Or build from the command line using the Xcode compiler:


Then run your executable from this location: