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Silly Utility

Compare Utility Bills With Neighbors.

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Renegotiate your utility bills by learning what your neighbors pay.

Everybody on your block probably pays different prices for their internet / TV and phone service. Also, the utility companies have a strong upper hand when talking with you:

  • They know how much you pay, and everyone else pays
  • They write the legislation that prevents you from starting a competing company
  • They make agreements with competing firms to ensure only one or a few companies operate in one zip code
  • They advertise one price on TV and then charge a completely different price on the bill

We are a civic project to fix this problem by empowering consumers to make better decisions.

  • See what your neighbors pay
  • Call your utility company to renegotiate your rate
  • Use the money you save to go on vacation

Get involved

Our website is

Please help us by:

  • Sharing our website with your neighbors and asking them to uploading their bills
  • Contact us at to become a volunteer