Little script to generate static website and article part
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Little script to generate static website and article part

Archive content

Script runs with a single argument each times.

Archive contains multiples files :

  • html_templates : contain html files which are used to build web pages
  • md_files : contain markdown files which are transformed to html for publish content
  • index.html : simple web page to place in root web folder
  • : script to transform markdown to html
  • css : folder which contains simple css file to make simple but easy readable website.
  • files : folder contains various files, top.svg by default.

Few notes :

Script contains 3 "important" variables :

  • buildDir : is reception folder var for html built files (ie : /var/www/articles/ )

  • mdDir : is markdown storage folder. Store all of your articles here. Template is available for example.

  • html_Dir : is template folder var for html template files (ie : ./html_templates )

  • Script use markdown lib. You can install them with :

pip3 install markdown

How it works ?

Just go to repo folder, write .md files in mdDir and exec script :

./ mdDir/
  • Markdown files must be named with a number (increment) :,

Script use metadata, you can replace all needed in your markdown file copied from

Article link will be based on article name

For each script iteration (for a new article), markdown related file is processed and articles/index.html is regenerated to use latest article.

Inspired by :