ASCIISVG Plugin for TinyMCE for drawing a graph of function in SVG
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A TinyMCE plugin for Plone to render a function of a graph as SVG and it requires a browser that can render SVG.

It is based on the TinyMCE plugin written by David Lippman as part of the IMathAS project: A demo of the IMathAS version of the plugin is available here:

For FullMarks (and Plone), the plugin has been modified to always render SVG and not use any fallbacks that generate images server-side.

Additionally it uses the latest version (ver 2.0) of the ASCIIMATH javascript library by Peter Jipsen available here:

This plugin was developed as part of the FullMarks project funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation, an open educational repository of model questions and answers. See and for more information.


  1. Add as an egg to your buildout and rerun buildout:

    eggs =
  2. Navigate to Add-ons in the Site Setup area of your Plone site.

  3. Activate the TinyMCE ASCIISvg plugin