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Despite having the most catchiest name ever, is also amazingly impressive. Not only does it run a small SNP 3.1 server, if you run it on MacOS or certain supported variants of Linux, it will display actual on-screen notifications using the operating system's native tools as well.

Setting Up can be cloned from GitHub. It requires Python 3 to run, so you need to make sure that's installed first. Once that's done, you should be good to go.


From a Terminal window, run:

python3.x [port]

Where x is the version of Python 3 you downloaded, and [port] is the port to listen for incoming connections on. If no port is specified, 9887 is used.

So, if you're using Python 3.6 and you want to listen on port 6060, you'd enter:

python3.6 6060


You can use various different tools to test connectivity. If you have a Windows machine available, you could try SNP31send (included with Snarl 5.0), as follows:

snp31send -F 6060 -F -s "Sent from my Windows 7 PC" -t "Hello, world!" -i stock:misc-chair

Will, on macOS, generate something like this:

Hello, world!

You can also configure the Notification Pump demo (also included with Snarl 5.0) to forward notifications to the server.

Quote Of The Day

Note that neither of these examples need Snarl to be installed!


Only forwarded and anonymous notifications are supported, all other commands will be ignored.

On macOS, the server relies on private Apple APIs to replace the application icon with its own - this functionality may be removed in subsequent releases of macOS.

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