Cache utility for Angular
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Cache utility for Angular



tested with jest

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This 7.x.x branch is intented to work with Angular v7.x.x. If you're developing on a later release of Angular than v7.x.x, then you should probably choose the appropriate version of this library by visiting the master branch.


Name Description NPM
@ngx-cache/core Cache utility for Angular npm version
@ngx-cache/platform-browser SPA/Browser platform implementation of ngx-cache npm version
@ngx-cache/platform-server Server platform implementation of ngx-cache npm version
@ngx-cache/fs-storage Fs storage for ngx-cache (server platform) npm version


  • ng-seed/universal is an officially maintained seed project, showcasing common patterns and best practices for ngx-cache.


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The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2018 Burak Tasci