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HTML5 remake of the original Pokemon, expanded for modern browsers.


The built lib/index.html uses UserWrappr to fill the available window size with a game screen, option menus, and piped input events. It stores its generated instance as window.FSP.

To do this in your own page, use the exported createFspInterface function.

import { createFspInterface } from "fullscreenpokemon";

createFspInterface(document.getElementById("game")).then(() => {
    console.log("Ready to play! ✨");

You can also directly create a new FullScreenPokemon instance with a manual size.

import { FullScreenPokemon } from "fullscreenpokemon";

// Creates a new game with a 320x480 screen size
const fsp = new FullScreenPokemon({
    height: 320,
    width: 480,

// Games contain a .canvas member for the screen

// Shows the initial in-game menu with start and load options

By default, the game doesn't set up input events. You'll need to set up your own event registrations manually.


FSP is built on top of EightBittr, a modular TypeScript game engine split across separate projects available on npm and hosted on GitHub in the FullScreenShenanigans organization. It consists of a couple dozen core modules under this organization.

See ./src/docs for documentation specific to FullScreenPokemon.


After forking the repo from GitHub:

git clone<your-name-here>/FullScreenPokemon
cd FullScreenPokemon
yarn run hydrate
yarn run compile
  • yarn run hydrate creates a few auto-generated setup files locally.
  • yarn run compile builds source code with TypeScript

Running Tests

yarn run test

Tests are written in Mocha and Chai. Their files are written using alongside source files under src/ and named *.test.ts?. Whenever you add, remove, or rename a *.test.t* file under src/, watch will re-run yarn run test:setup to regenerate the list of static test files in test/index.html. You can open that file in a browser to debug through the tests, or run yarn test:run to run them in headless Chrome.


A free HTML5 remake of the original Pokemon, expanded for modern browsing.





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