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Welcome to Fullstack ⚑ Open Source Pair Programming

We meet on Wednesdays in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Come pair program with us on open source projects. You can read about how we got started here: origins and our acknowledgments to all of our sponsors.

Check out our latest 🍴 pull requests.

You'll work in pairs to:

πŸ“† How do I join your next event?

Check out our latest meetup RSVP information here:

πŸ“Ί Watch our stuff

πŸ’» Do I have to do anything before I start?

  1. Code editor: Install a code editor. If you do not have one already, here’s our favorite: Atom -- you can extend it using JavaScript.
  2. GitHub: Make a GitHub account and install git.
  3. Code of Conduct: Read our Code of Conduct
  4. RSVP & Logistics: RSVP on to get the latest updates on the meetup location (parking, Metro access) and all those logistical details.
  5. Check out the Show Notes: All of our previous events' ⚑ πŸ“» Show Notes are archived here:

πŸŒ† How do I get to the Downtown LA meetup?

  • Address: 241 S Figueroa St. Suite 240 Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Nearest Metro station: Red Line - Pershing Square Station, or, Expo Line - Metro Center/7th Street
  • Parking: Parking is a challenge here. We recommend transit, carpool and voracious free parking-spot hunting.
  • Thank you to our location sponsor: We <3 8th Light

🌴 How do I get to the Santa Monica meetup at Pivotal Labs?

  • Address: 1333 Second Street Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (directions | street view).
  • Nearest Metro station: Expo Line - Downtown Santa Monica (806) (directions) + ~10 min walk.
  • Parking: Public Parking Structure 4 β€” immediately west of the office (street view). (~$4. for 3 hours; fee schedule)
  • Location sponsor: Pivotal Labs

🌴 How do I get to the Santa Monica meetup at Carbon Five?

  • Address: 525 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401 (directions | street view).
  • Nearest Metro station: Expo Line - Downtown Santa Monica (806) - 2 blocks east (directions) + ~2 min walk.
  • Location sponsor: Carbon Five

πŸ™Œ What is pair programming?

Pair Programming is the act of programming in pairs - one person is the navigator, who talks out loud about the coding direction to take and the task at hand, while the other person is the driver, who types and works on a computer. Pairing allows people to discuss the code out loud, read error messages together, break down the problem at hand together verbally and test things out together.

Pairing also allows people to share and learn different coding tricks (like keyboard shortcuts or note-taking tools), and also mental tips (like taking a deep breath before running rm -rf). Pairing also allows people to share the projects they are working on, the blockers they have come across, try out a new language, or try teaching someone else a new-to-them language.

Here are some tips, written by fellow meetup attendees.

⚑ Open Source projects we have contributed to at the meetup:

Exercism Hoodie Homebrew Pivotal:
Exercism Hoodie Homebrew - Parrit JavaScript - Concourse Go
Ruby Sinatra JavaScript Ruby
Start here Start here Start here

⚑ More ideas on where to start:

AUR (ArchLinux User Repository) packages Bash
bash auto completion scripts Bash
el-get recipes Emacs Lisp
F-Droid metadata plain text
homebrew recipes Ruby
prism.js components JavaScript
pygments lexers Python
zsh auto completion scripts Zsh

⚑ Just for fun, and fun is important:

emoruby πŸ’Ž, Ruby, emoji

πŸ“ More from our contributors:




  1. When you are stuck on code: Make an issue on what youβ€˜re stuck on here -
  2. When you are lost, on your way and stuck in traffic and need to let someone know about something, left something at the venue, confused about Metro-access, parking, leave a comment on the event invite or that night.
  3. When you have questions/concerns about code of conduct, things like that, talk to Kit or Machiko by messaging them on


⚑ πŸ“» Open Source Pair Programming every month in downtown & Santa Monica








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