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Speed up your development process, or just make it easier to traverse your computer using these helpful shortcuts.

Meant to be used with Mac OS X or other bash CLIs.


Overview adds high-level commands to open various programs or start various tasks via a bash CLI client.


This CLI has scripts that allow users to install dependency programs onto their computer. Running such installations may include updating system package managers such as brew or npm, and will use such package managers as well as curl to retrieve the proper files.

All connections to websites are made using https://, and be sure to check the documentation if you want to see the URLs for yourself.


Check the project dependecies and look through the source files to make sure that you have full access to all the commands; note, some commands have default variables you can change.

Clone this repo to a .bash directory in your root directory:

$ mkdir ~/.bash # if you don't already have a .bash directory here
$ cd ~/.bash
$ git clone

Note: Read before continuing

Once you include the preceeding export/source lines in your ~/.bash* file(s), some commands with the same name may override or be overridden by the file, depending on the hierarchy of that file.

If you notice you overrode a command, simply comment out/remove the export/source lines, or rename one of the instances of the conflicted command to something else.

Edit your ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, or ~/.profile and add the following code to the top:

export SHORTCUTS_SH=~/.bash/shortcuts-sh
source "${SHORTCUTS_SH}/"

Once you restart your Terminal/Bash shell or open up a new window/tab, you'll be able to use the new commands!


Check the wiki for more in-depth command documentation.

script description
$ shortcuts Get a quick overview of the project.
$ shortcuts docs Open the Readme file on Github.
$ shortcuts install [cline, programs] Install dependencies for certain commands.
$ shortcuts new [issue] Process a new item on Github; used for issues (currently) and pull requests (coming soon).
$ shortcuts update Update the CLI
$ shortcuts v[ersion] View project version.


Before you update, you can check the current version of your clone of by entering the following in your shell:

$ shortcuts v # short version
$ shortcuts version # long version

Updating is simple; all you have to do is run the following command:

$ shortcuts update

...and as long as everything runs smoothly from Github, you're all set!


The MIT License